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In new Zhejiang net on March 4 report did you take annual 2007 how many pay? Whether the average growth level that catchs up with area whole firewood proposes a toast? Does the firewood fulfil level of your located industry and post lie a what kind of position? Which industry earn is most? “ of …… home's famous supplier of service of professional manpower resource too the newest firewood requite that released area of a Hangzhou today with advisory ” is accused, you might as well it is with this consult, the “ firewood affection that looks oneself up and down ” .

Hangzhou firewood proposes a toast growth occupies countrywide front row

“ too mix to China north, Hua Dong, Hua Na, northeast with advisory ” southwest the firewood fulfil level 2007 undertook 5 earths area investigate, the result shows, of Hangzhou area firewood proposed a toast average increase rate is amounted to 2007 9.8% , occupy countrywide front row, the platoon is before the city of provincial capital center such as Nanjing, Suzhou, Hefei, Nanchang and 2 class city. Among them, before firewood of industry of finance, estate, high-tech proposes a toast the level lives apart 3, especially increase rate of fulfil of financial industry firewood greatly prep above area is average level.

Although the country increased the strength of macroscopical adjusting control to real estate, but level of its firewood fulfil did not suffer too big effect. Increase rate of fulfil of firewood of Hangzhou real-estate industry was 2007 9.2% , and the part is in charge of high and the firewood of key post proposes a toast, it is the amplitude that maintained 15% above more. Same, the high-tech industry of Hangzhou also maintained good development momentum, increase rate of fulfil of this industry firewood was amounted to 2007 9.3% . The report thinks, this is bred with what Hangzhou city pays attention to high-tech industry, development, increase a person with ability ceaselessly devoted and relevant.

Numerous hill of general view of “ of fulfil of financial industry firewood is small”

The report is opposite the discovery after the financial industry of more than 60 main city of countrywide that includes Hangzhou inside is investigated, financial industry not only firewood fulfil level resides each industry a list of names posted up high head, and its up to the take the lead of firewood fulfil amplitude of 40% , make the trade with firewood fulfil the rapiddest 2007 growth. And Hangzhou develops as domestic banking industry one of areas, propose a toast from firewood of personnel of course of study the level is only high not low.

Investigation data shows, financial industry proposed a toast to the average salary of post of basic level staff fixed position uprights to reach 150 thousand yuan at 45 thousand yuan 2007 between, the personnel of business of a gleam of of each fractionize domain, year cash gross income can amount to 180 thousand yuan to reach 240 thousand yuan; The market firewood of post of company grass-roots unit, middle-level government proposes a toast interpose reachs 450 thousand yuan at 160 thousand yuan, core, rare the special staff that lack post or has certain resource, its year pay can amount to 550 thousand yuan to reach 700 thousand yuan; Industry leading group or tall canal post, can amount to 800 thousand yuan generally to reach 2.2 million yuan.
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