Does the white-collar get what disease the most easily?
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The white-collar of the eye is added gradually in light of much, a lot of white-collars suffer from went up xerophthalmia.

Stare at computer closely the meeting is disgusting

Miss Zhang that works in ad firm feels the eye is not quite comfortable always recently, hematic silk often was bestrewed in the eye, when blinking an eye, feel dry to work. Beginning Miss Zhang to think is did not rest good before today, but consider her designed to sleep early, when rising the following day, unwell feels this kind of eye to still be in. Recently, miss Zhang still increased trouble, if staring at computer to look ten minutes more, still meet giddy, disgusting.

Yesterday morning, miss Zhang comes to Shenyang city hospital of the 4th people is ophthalmic, miss Zhang tells she has sufferred from after the doctor is checked went up xerophthalmia, this is the white-collar often contracts the eye disease that go up. If treat meeting generation not in time,eye and palpebral inflammation, corneal canker, permanent eyesight drops, the serious possibility that still has blindness.

3 suffer interference into the white-collar

“ although a lot of white-collars had gotten xerophthalmia, but the attention that did not cause them. Chairman of a surname of ophthalmology of hospital of the 4th people represents ” Shenyang city, about 3 is cross the descent of xerophthalmia into the white-collar, nevertheless a lot of people are simple buy dew of eye of a bottle of drop to solve.

Oculist of hospital flourishing Beijing expresses, bring about a white-collar to suffer from on the reason of xerophthalmia is very much, pay close attention to screen for long nevertheless to had made the main reason that brings about xerophthalmia.

[proper treatment]

Drop eye dew wants to be used less

To longitudinal xerophthalmia, can choose a few artificial tear to alleviate illness, but can not effect a radical cure xerophthalmia. Think because of,true cure xerophthalmia ought to look for cause of disease setting out, because external environment causes hair cause of disease of the white-collar, staring at computer for long to look for example etc. Using computer one hour or so to ought to look far, the muscle that ministry yielding a key point stretchs tight closely gets flabby.

The drop eye that there are all sorts of signs beside a lot of white-collars is shown, nevertheless the doctor reminds what ought to reduce these drop eyes to show to use a number, because many drop eyes contain preservative in dew, use health of easy influence eye for a long time.

Colophony lens is changed two years

Side effect of ” of lens “ extended active duty is big, can bring about eye myopia degree to deepen.

Old Mei Zhu teachs ophthalmologist proposal: With colophony lens best every 2~3 year change, if ” of lens “ extended active duty, probable meeting brings about eye myopia degree to deepen.
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