Duty field person: Your " firewood affection " not bad now?
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Opposite at “ Jin Jiuyin the busy season that 10 ” basically are college graduate to apply for a job, the 4 ” of “ Jin Sanyin after the Spring Festival passes just are ” of essence of bones of the dead of duty field “ people the height that find new job. Investigation shows, 60% above have the stuff of old job experience, talent of controller of the high level in the enterprise of 30% above, core has the plan that finds new job after the Spring Festival. Past years is such, this year blame very, because new executive labor contract law provided directer safeguard for laborer choose course of study. Large-scale talent flows, will manage the job to bring more challenges to resource of company labor power.

Why should they find new job? Investigation shows, to personage of most duty field, actuating pressure is as big, nervous as boss or colleague relation, right company system is not agreed with and individual profession development suffers be restricted to wait is inducement, but most those who affect the mood still is “ firewood affection ” , dissatisfactory to firewood fulfil it is the mainest reason that find new job.

After why choosing the Spring Festival to after why choosing the Spring Festival, find new job? One of, new year's day around, the company published new regulations system, finished the adjustment of constituent framework and strategy of choose and employ persons, the person that do not agree with to this can be waited for end of the year award in one's hand later choose wood and dwell; Secondly, spring Festival holiday goes close to string together friend, increase 3 nearly two months all sorts of conferences are particularly much, people makes the opportunity increase that spread external, information of field of duty of understand one another, vie income pay, make a few people that did not plan to find new job originally also the heart is unripe climb Gao Zhi to read aloud; Thirdly, labor contract law carries out around, do not have fixed deadline contract for avoid, the such as that the employee that many companies grow in the light of length of service adopts forces abdication, length of service to clear, the ugly travel that change uses labour form to wait, exposed its to see so that forget justice real look, let faithfulness spend ash of tall old stuff heart meaning is cold, the person that also let enter office newly not dare hopeful, be being lifted wisely is forsake darkness for light; Its 4, award extends end of the year the improper, plan that move firewood is unjust and company fail to keep faith is to make the inducement that find new job. The author ever had heard such leaving one's post for many times reason: “ boss is rewarded affirmatorily at the outset, did not cash to the end of the year. ”“ performance assessment is unreasonable, bonus is too inequitable end of the year. ” its 5, the company develops a program to fulfil New Year, much meeting is after the Spring Festival invite applications for a job, grow in quantity of obtain employment opportunity, add hunt head people stir up trouble, let alliance of people desire for love naturally move. But, no matter why be planted reason, all without exception and income pay are concerned.
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