The young lady of 80000 gives monthly pay me went up to shake one class
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I feel suddenly to want to seek a woman, ended a meeting hurriedly then, in the country trade searchs station market before modern city female. Mm of a Wen Zhou discovered me, very professional, directly go in me before. This goes, had then from the back this lets me feel the story of the shock, elephant attended a vivid MBA case class. For faithful the original intention at this young lady, I repeat her original word as far as possible by memory.

What does Mr “ want to do? …… is good, complete set puts red rope of igneous poisonous dragon on the ice. I like to do the business of modern city in the rising sun. I become two places only here. Modern city, capital wide center. Do you know? Before seeing you, I moved round two rounds in mouth of contemporary city gate, be seen by me eventually you! Come out from office building, do complete set ~~~ for certain”“ ? You have a method very much! ” I assentationed. “ becomes a young lady, also want to use scientific method. She says ” . I am stupefied, the method of science of some of interest “ what to have very much immediately? ”“ should know statistic. I had made mathematical calculation. I say to listen to you. I a business that the month does 22 days, everyday cost 272.7 yuan of ……”“ how of numerate? I examine minutely ” .

You calculate “ , have good environment for the guest, I rent advanced apartment every month should pay 3000 yuan of rent, to make he goes up class is distinguished at general young lady, every month buys the dress and cosmetic to want 1500 the left and right sides, add have a meal 1500 yuan or so. A month does 22 days of businesses, average everyday is fixed costs 272.7 yuan? ” , I am a little open-eyed. The young lady that I looked for 10 years, hear for the first time have a young lady so computational cost. The young lady previously says with me, every artillery piece 300 yuan, wrap evening additionally of 800 and so on.

“ cost cannot calculate by the frequency, can press time to calculate only. You look, I everyday chalk it up. I can see the detailed record of a month. I had done data to analyse, receive the free time between the guest to be 7 hours on average every time. If looked for to do those who push oil, 100 yuan, big essentials does a hour. Namely the cost that each 100 yuan guest wants to spend 8 hours, earn 12.5 yuan hourly namely. Do not make money! If say the fire that make ice, roam, the guest of poisonous dragon is to have a meal, do 100 yuan guest to eat dish not to calculate repeatedly, can be only scattered some of gourmet powder. ”

Be strong! This Mm listens go up true unlike station market female, to seem division of a cost accounting. How do you do “ then? I was interested in ” more, continue to ask. Look new thing still can be acquired on the road that goes to young lady home.
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