The colleague rises jointly elbow out me
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The campus that just leaves ten years lives, thought to be able to have the scope of operation that belongs to oneself eventually originally, however the fact does not resemble imagining in so simple. The first job that I find in Beijing encountered a setback. Because I just did not graduate, not be very familiar to the flow of a lot of business of the company, can make a few mistakes occasionally, but I had gotten used to the job, acclimatization hard as far as possible, can work in the same place not less to still feel my job does not reach the designated position, they still rise jointly even elbow out me, this lets me feel very helpless, oneself ability also cannot be developed. Excuse me expert, those who face a colleague how should elbowing out me be good?

The expert solves: On on-the-job field expensive have self-knowledge, if work in the same place to elbow out you all the time, that is about to seek an account from oneself. Basically have needed to notice at 2 o'clock: The first it is to heighten power of understanding. Because of some people really comprehension is opposite for a few poorer, colleague or boss tell the thing that pass repeatedly, if you still are the word that cannot understand very quickly and suits, they are not willing naturally to say more with you again, the power of understanding that heightens oneself at that time and comprehension appear very important; The 2nd it is to enhance communication ability. Communicate more with work in the same placing, learn to the colleague of seniority more, increase oneself working capacity.