Proposal: Undergraduate take part in a battle with light packs, the future that
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Nowadays is the fastigium of graduate to apply for a job, the reporter is in invite applications for a job of graduate of a few colleges understands on the meeting, the phenomenon that sweethearts undergraduate pulls a hand to apply for a job is increasing, and the controller of many enterprises says frankly, do not welcome undergraduate of ” of “ sweethearts archives.

Involve hand to apply for a job: Choose to abandon for love

Xiao Na and cummer are Shenyang the fellow student with professional machinery of a college, when Shenyang a renown look forward to goes when campus invite applications for a job, they are pulling a hand to come to the front of stage of invite applications for a job. The minister of manpower resource ministry of the enterprise sees them, asked a few questions respectively, decide employ Xiao Na. Finally, xiao Na chose to abandon for love. Later, two people were applied for a few times again, end in order to fail.

Shenyang Ou Taikai amounts to Liang Binchang of president of torque technology limited company to say, previously, company ever invite applications for a job crosses sweethearts of a pair of undergraduates, think to meet tarry talented person so formerly, but the schoolboy finds new job later Shenzhen, also drag the schoolgirl, enterprise with respect to the loss two people, very not be to one's profit.

Random investigation: 10 companies say “ 9 times not ”

“ to ' of archives of undergraduate ‘ sweethearts, average company is repellent. Tall lotus of expert of resource of labor power of market of talent of ” China Shenyang says, undergraduate sweethearts pulls a hand to apply for a job to often v/LIT be utterly defeated much.

The reporter interviewed the manager of 10 enterprises or manpower resources minister randomly, among them 9 industries express to refuse, only an industry expresses not to repel. Yang Wenhua of assistant director of resource of labor power of group of Shenyang machine tool says, machine tool group is annual the college undergraduate students of invite applications for a job is in 300 people above, have sweethearts of a few undergraduates every year by employ, because although two people are in an enterprise,work, also won't be together, leave further however, to influence of working it doesn't matter. He returns citing to say, the group has now is middle-level cadre to husband and wife, it is to going up 80 time end enters the century the undergraduate sweethearts of the enterprise, their performance in the enterprise is particularly excellent. Undergraduate sweethearts is in an enterprise together, often be helpful for enterprise tarry talent, this year they employ the sweethearts of college of industry of grain of a pair of Dalian.

Reject argument: Bounds of public affairs private affairs is trenchant

The presiding apparitor of an enterprise expresses, great majority enterprise rejects ” of archives of undergraduate “ sweethearts, because,basically be once they enter a business, negative effect often of prep above front. Because be in an unit, if have two people the relationship is particularly close, form ” of “ small circle of people easily. Another rejection argument is, sweethearts undergraduate enters a business, often meet state-private do not divide, take housework to the enterprise, come home public affairs belt, go against begin the work.
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