Obtain employment of the person that second liver is carried sues Nuojiyabingsuo
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Goosefoot gets the better of college graduate (alias) the Nuojiya that abandons carrying interview already successfully, Fuji health, the company such as new division, apply for a job everywhere in native place, good be in not easily Zhengzhou stay of a state-owned company, be engaged in a network safeguarding. Because oneself are the person that second liver virus is carried, a lot of good obtain employment chances can get stuck to go up in the link of check-up, li Sheng feels very helpless to this.

The person that Nuojiya rejects second liver virus to carry enters office

After be being informed take sb on the staff because carry second liver virus by close the door on, li Sheng Dongguan accordingly mobile telephone limited company reachs Nuojiya its told a court in Chinese headquarters, the request affirms Nuojiya lawfully not employ accuser breaks the law, and spirit of claim for compensation damages solatium 500 thousand yuan. It is reported, the civil indictment that court of Dongguan city people gets the better of according to goosefoot, on May 8 already put on record.

Li Sheng of 24 years old is born in Henan to visit family of an average farmer of consolidate justice city this year, father is a driver, mom is in the home soil. Rely on the live frugally in father's scanty income and home, li Sheng completed college school work. On January 18, 2007, li Sheng is on the net to Dongguan Nuojiya deliver of mobile telephone limited company the resume that applies for test technician post. Later, li Shengshun benefit carries written examination and interview. Ministry of resource of this company labor power informs Li Sheng by employ, talked about the pay such as pay with him, want him to attend duty check-up to designation hospital, if check-up is eligible,he can go to work to the company. On January 27, li Sheng undertakes the check-up before duty with aid hospital to Dongguan.

“ I think like Nuojiya such big company won't have second liver to discriminate against, telling manpower resource ministry actively when check-up result has not come out him chief is the person that second liver virus is carried. This chief says, the condition won't be affected not quite badly admit. ” Li Sheng tells a reporter, he had a test with aid hospital to Dongguan again on January 30, the examination shows its virus does not have infectivity as a result.

But, nuojiya still rejected Li Sheng. Li Sheng says, the answer that the company gives him is “ company holder it is to be in same dinning hall has a meal, same a working environment, fear he can infect company someone else, suggest he changes a bit more comfortable job. This is the regulation of the branch, also be the ” that leads the decision after discussing with the branch.

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