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I of grievance


General manager assistant is become in a private enterprise after course of study of small Lan Bi, general manager wanted her to translate an important document yesterday, emphasize saying very urgent, ask she is about to finish today, when who knows she is being translated this morning, president madam came to a company, the tree enrolling money that sees the office dropped a few leave, at once blame is small orchid: Why doesn't “ water the tree, you are too irresponsible! ” , small Lan Jiao gets special grievance, because of general manager once special had explained, the tree that enrol money is in charge of by the selling manager of the company, someone else must not be touched. If you are small orchid, how can you handle this kind of case?


The expert is aimed at this case comment on


Good state of mind is the foundation that handles an issue


Become above all small orchid when encountering a problem, want to must maintain a good state of mind what do namely above all. Why should emphasize perspective of state of mind? Because had good state of mind when you,ability can use wide perspective to search the openly element of the thing quite. When the thing that breaks out especially, can of many angle go look upon; And be the foundation that next a series of likelihoods can think of to be able to be accomplished.


When having good state of mind, place in actually small orchid before have only: The interpreter that how can finish a manager to decorate already namely works, cannot displease president madam again, had resolved the issue that waters the tree even. This is the —— method that another more important latitudinal place in maturity decides and strategy.


Method and strategy are the key that resolves an issue


We have a look at method and politic high school first low the behavior that expression of 3 fields place comes out.


1, tell president clearly the madam, of general manager special explain.

Too immature answer. The likelihood is little orchid if reply so,oneself do not know, what she had been immersed in “ to bother ” is vortical. Not only cannot resolve an issue, and still let president madam do not leave a stage, too do not give face of president madam “ ” , may suffer more severe censure.


2, rise to water the tree immediately, and make an apology to president madam

Most person can choose this possibly, look than above a bit better, it seems that pretty good, but actually oversight 2 serious mistakes.

1>General manager is special had explained, the tree is in charge of by person specially assigned for a task, cultivate to this it is thus clear that very care about, whether people understands take care of this tree? Should water really?
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